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RFS Parts Center

Any equipment owner knows that following a regular maintenance schedule will keep your equipment running strong. They also know that no matter how good a piece of equipment is, one day a part will break, or a component will fail. This is where our Parts Center and our amazing staff can step in to help you find the best solution to service your machine or get you back up and running. Whether you want to fix it yourself or have us do it, our rigorous OEM training and years of experience will help you find the best parts for your equipment, no matter what you’re looking for.

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Online Parts Ordering

If you’re working on your equipment yourself and would like the help of a parts diagram to see exactly what you need, New Holland eParts is exactly what you need. Look up your equipment, see diagrams, part numbers and order right from the same screen. Plus, you can pick up your order at our dealership or we can ship them to your door. If you’re browsing and have a question, give us a call and one of our staff will be happy to help you! Skip the line and save time with New Holland eParts.

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OEM Branded and Aftermarket Parts

When you’re buying parts for your equipment, you might have the choice to choose from Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) branded and aftermarket parts. Parts made by an OEM come directly from the source and are the same ones used on the assembly line in the factory to build new machines. By comparison, aftermarket parts are made by 3rd party companies. Just because a part is an aftermarket part does not mean it is low quality. The best aftermarket parts are still made to meet specific guidelines for the equipment it’s manufactured for. Our Parts Center staff will help you to understand your options so you can make the best decision.

Common Parts We Sell

On any piece of equipment, there are several standard parts that will need to be replaced as a part of a regular maintenance schedule. As time goes by and you demand more from your equipment, parts wear down and fluids begin to break down. Replacing these parts on a regular schedule will help make sure your machine operates at peak performance, while avoiding breakdowns. For a complete list and maintenance schedule on your machine, please refer to your owner’s manual. 



Your machine could have several different kinds of filters to make sure air or fluid is being properly circulated, cleaned or cooled. Your engine and cabin air filters make sure air is being properly cleaned and circulated. Filters in your oil, fuel and other fluid lines make sure damaging dirt and particles are removed so that today’s precise components aren’t damaged.



While oil and hydraulic changes may be the most well-known service operation among equipment operators, there are several other fluids that need occasional replacing to keep your machine running strong. Your machines brake, coolant, windshield and def all work together to keep your equipment running properly. Also, don’t forget that grease and lubrication is an essential part to preventing damage in many pieces of equipment. 



Belts make things go, whether that be in an engine or making blades turn. Every belt controls a critical part of your equipment’s operation every time you use it. Strong belts ensure that components aren’t slipping and you’re maintaining peak performance. 



Almost just as important as the fluid flowing through them, hoses are an important part to your equipment’s operation. Making sure your hoses are in good condition reduces the risk of leaking or busting, which makes certain parts of your machine inoperable. Checking these hoses and getting them replaced when signs of wear occur can avoid the inconvenience of breakdowns. And the best part, we can help you with it all!



No one likes getting ready to do a job, only to find that your machine won’t start. That’s why we stock the industry’s top-grade batteries. Having your battery tested, using a charger and maintaining the batteries environment are all a part of keeping a strong battery. If cold weather is an issue, we’ve got block heaters that can make your winter starts a lot easier.


Twine/Net Wrap

A baler is only as good as what you put through it. I’m not just talking about hay, but the quality of the twine or net wrap you use determines how good of a bale it will be and how effortless baling hay will be. Stop spending hours getting on and off the tractor to rethread broken “economy” twine or net wrap. This is where quality can make a big difference in your production, while saving you valuable time.


When it comes to the equipment you rely on, there are things you can do to make your job a little more comfortable, cleaner or quicker. This is where Accessories come in! No matter your machine, there is no shortage of accessories to choose from and we’ve got entire catalogs of parts to choose from to fit your needs. No matter what your goal is, there is likely an accessory to make the time you spend with your machine even better.


Why Choose Rose Farm Supply Parts Center?

At Rose Farm Supply, our Parts Center is a fully stocked department, so we have the parts or accessories when you need it. Our knowledgeable and trained staff is eager to help you find any part you need, whether it be OEM or aftermarket, for repairs, upgrades or custom work you want to perform. With full access to over 30 manufacturer and supplier catalogs, you won’t have to worry about lack of options or solutions to any parts issue you may have. Trust Rose Farm Supply for your equipment parts needs.

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